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Substantial clinical, education, and basic science research efforts within the Department of Dermatology are linked to cancer prevention, detection, and to improving treatment options. Much of the work that has already been accomplished within the department anticipates the kind of exciting breakthroughs that will be expected from dermatology researchers in the future. Because of the unique resources that the Department of Dermatology has brought together, the department is positioned to be a major player in building the base of knowledge about disease pathogenesis that could lead to novel approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of patients with both skin diseases and systemic disorders in the 21st century.
David R. Bickers, M.D.
Non Melanoma Skin Cancer
Cancer Chemoprevention
Angela Christiano, PhD
Inherited Skin and Hair Disorders
Stem Cells
Raphael Clynes, MD, PhD
Zhenpeng Dai, MD, PhD
Mechanism of Autoimmune Skin Diseases
Ali Jabbari MD, PhD
Autoimmune Skin and Hair Disease
Annemieke je Jong, PhD
Human T Cell Biology and Lipid Antigen Presentation by CD1 Proteins
Liang Liu, PhD
Cancer Epigenetics and Biomarker Discovery
Ellen A. Lumpkin, Ph.D.
Cutaneous Sensory Mechanisms
Arianna Kim, PhD
Cell Cycle and Senescence
David Owens, PhD
Squamous Cell Cancer and Its Modeling
Lynn Petukhova, PhD
Genetic Epidemiology of Immune Mediated Diseases

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